Monday, February 20, 2012

Minibloq.v0.81.Beta: Sending text with new Serial blocks

Another important improvement in the next Minibloq version is its capability to send text through the Serial port (it already sends numbers):
Minibloq has been in use for several month in some schools, and we are working a lot with primary school teachers. So, based in the good experience with the DuinoBot.Kids, which features a small LED matrix display (with just 8x8 pixels), we decided to add something similar to emoticons to the terminal. This way, kids can send smiles, and other expressions through the serial port directly to the computer screen, since most Minibloq's supported boards do not have displays:
We want to enhance this kind of friendly features in the future and soon will have news about the release...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

USB HID integration

Minibloq.v0.81.Beta will feature communication capabilities with HID devices. We are working on this kind of structural things that will enable the software to work not only with the commonly used USB-CDC boards, but with a lot of new hardware in the near future. The first HID board supported will be the DuinoBot.v1.2.HID: