This project is the result of a lot of work and contributions, here is where I say THANKS!

STEM Center USA is a great educational company. In addition to their educational programs, the company is also actively developing new robots and educational tools. The Pi-Bot is just one example of a great and affordable educational robot created by the STEM Center USA Team.


RobotGroup develops robots, controllers and many more things. Multiplo LLC and Robotgroup are partners. Another fun place at RobotGroup is RG.Labs, where open other source projects are developed (like DuinOS).

Robotics for everybody is the phrase that best describes Multiplo LLC. We are a startup composed by a team of teachers and robot specialists. Minibloq is ready to use with Multiplo's products

Kickstarter Backers
Here you can see the people who contributed to Minibloq's Kickstarter campaign. You can also see the original Backers page at Kickstarter's website.

This project is part of a bigger project, called XDF, which received funds from the FONSOFT, which belongs to the Argentine Government's Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica. The XDF is the FONSOFT's project NA 134/07.

Special thanks to people who contributed with code, or special libraries not mentioned above:

Juan Pizarro
Rodolfo Cossovich
Alan Kharsansky
Federico Lanza
David Vilaseca
Andrew Lawrance

Special thanks to people who contributed with translations:

Eloi Forés
Ramón Quiroga Barro
Gijs Noorlander
Erik Hermann
Robert Sedak
Jean Pierre Raumer
Jean-Daniel Planterose
Samuel Liaigre
Yehonatan Spiegel
Petru Isan
Zhao Qian
Anderson Amador Silva
Marco André Ferreira Dias
Hazizul Krilp
Wawan Hartanto
Rodolfo Cossovich
Antonio Lomba
Alexis Vlassis
Tsukasa Takao
Svetlana Larionova
Victor Brutskiy
Pavli Kroupovka

Open source software
Minibloq is completely based on open source software. Although the copyright holders will receive their credits in the distributed package itself, I want to mention the software libraries used here too (but please note, that these are NOT the license and legal notices, so the copyrights will be in their place, with the distributed software). So this is a list of links where the used software resides:

Most of the images and icons were created by other people, notably:

Camilo Parra Palacio
Peter Verschoor

The music used in some of the videos in this website was created by:

Kevin MacLeod

Some of the fonts used in some of Minibloq's videos (and may be in other parts or in the software itself) were created by other people, notably:

James Shields

I want to say THANKS to a lot of people who helped and supported the project in different ways:

Nadia Stieben
Octavio da Silva Gillig
Jaime da Silva
Celia Gillig
Lucio Mercado
Mónica Paves
Moisés Gullón
Eva Gullón
Germán Picasso
Eric Pan
Ariel Rocholl
Dean Camera
Luis Beccaría
Cristian Tisko
Ulises Mendoza
Marco André Ferreira Dias
Martín Almiña

Minibloq was formerly "Minibloques" [Copyright (c) 1997 Julián U. da Silva Gillig].