Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Post #100 and a good cause

Well, this is the post #100. But I will not make a project summary nor announce a new  miniBloq version (sorry!). This time is about my good friend Linz.  As far as I know, Linz was the first employee of Sparkfun's Education Department. He also was the person who accompanied me when I went to Sparkfun for the Hackers In Residence program, where we extended some of miniBloq's capabilities. But Linz is not at Sparkfun anymore. For several months (and for the second time in his life), we was in Africa, just teaching technology to a lot of people. And now, Linz wants to return there, specifically to Uganda. And that's why he needs some help from us. To achieve that goal, he launched a Kickstarter campaign. All the details are on that link.

Here is another interesting link describing Linz's work. Sharing also helps!