Monday, August 6, 2012

Minibloq translated to Portuguese!

Minibloq has been translated to Portuguese! We want to say thanks to Marco André Ferreira Dias and Anderson Amador Silva from Brazil for their great contribution to the project. The complete translation (including tooltips) will be deployed along with the upcoming UpdatePack-2. We want to take this opportunity to ask for help with more translations. There are currently works in progress to translate Minibloq to  Italian and to Hebrew (but the tooltips for both languages are not finished and yes, we need some volunteers to translate them). Of course, any other translation will be very welcome. All the names of the people who is helping with the project are mentioned in the Credits webpageBy now, here is a screenshot showing the work of Marco Andrés and Anderson Amador:


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  2. Minibloq in Greek!
    Στα Ελληνικα!!AG39MzoeaJjjCu4


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