Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Minibloq forum

Hi! I've been working to put on-line a forum for the project. It's a standard forum phpBB3, and although it's not yet fully integrated with this blog, it's working since today:

By now, bugs can be reported there (starting a topic here). Anyway, in the future, the bug reporting system will be improved a lot (with a ticket system).

I did not create categories for different languages, to avoid complexity, but I encourage users to post in any language in the current categories. Suggestions about the forum itself can be made in the category Forum, Spam & Website. I hope the forum will become a nice way to improve the communication between Minibloq users. Any help spreading the word will be welcome, as always.

Finally, I want to thanks John from, who made a post about Minibloq's development history: And also thanks to ROMILLY, for his post here.


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