Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cloud IDEs for Arduino

In the last few weeks, two interesting projects has been published, both aimed to program Arduino compatible hardware from Internet, without installation. We think both cloud and native solutions have their pros and cons, but more options are good for the users, so we wanted to mention these environments here. The firstone is codebender. They have given us the possibility of testing it, and it works nicely:

The other one is Wifino, a project that also include a new board, but sadly we could not test it yet.


  1. Julian, check out EZ-B board by DJ Sures. It would be awesome if you could hook up with him and share your software. It's way better than Arduino

  2. Hi Harry, thanks! I added it to the list of hardware for future versions.

  3. Julian, that fantastic, I'm really looking forward to using the next version on the EZ-B but will Minibloq be able connect to via bluetooth ?

  4. Hi Harry, I saw your post at the forum also, I moved them to the "Supported Hardware" section. The next version v0.82.Beta will feature a flexible backend to add new hardware. I will take yet some time to the release but it will be possible to add boards like the EZ-B, and it will be possible to communicate Minibloq via Bluetooth also.


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