Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Native Minibloq for Linux released!

Minibloq for Linux was mainly the work of Juan Pizarro, from doingIT, an open source company from Chile. Many thanks Juan! You can download it by clicking on the above image, or go to the Downloads page.
Also, it may be convenient reading the changelog here. We also updated the documentation to explain how to (easily) run Minibloq under Linux.

Multiple-OS version!
This is not just a native Linux version. Now, by downloading one single distribution, you can run natively under different flavors of Linux AND under Windows (you just need to run MinibloqRun.sh in Linux, or MinibloqRun.exe in Windows). Also, this all-in-one package was designed to include all the necessary dependencies (but it's a Beta, so please tell us if you find problems, thanks!). We want to add support for Mac OS X in the future too (help with this task will very welcome...)

Minibloq UpdatePack-2 also released!
And, if you are a Windows user, this version also includes the UpdatePack-2, with the new language packages sent by users (Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Romanian, plus a partial translation to Italian). If you don't want all the extra Linux stuff, you can download the Windows installer version. So now Minibloq runs in more OSs, and with more language options! Of course, we are always looking for more contributors and translators...

Upcoming v0.82.Beta version
Now we are focused on the next version: the v0.82.Beta. It will take some time, but it will support the adding of third party hardware, among other important features. Plus, we will release the code in a public repository. Right now, everybody can ask for the sources by posting on this  forum thread (we did not released the source code yet because it's still highly hardcoded and because we will also release soon an all-in-one  version of Code::Blocks including all the necessary dependencies to complie Minibloq with a few clicks). More on this soon...

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