Friday, September 7, 2012

Minibloq translated to Croatian!

Minibloq has been translated to Croatian! We want to say thanks to  Robert Sedak for his great work. He has translated even the tooltips. Here is a screenshot:
You can download the zip file containing the Croatian translation from this link. Please follow the following steps to install it:

1. Uncompress the zip file into a temporal path. For example, if you uncompress this file in C:\Temp, you should end with a folder called C:\Temp\Minibloq.

2. Find Minibloq's path (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Minibloq.v0.81.UP2). Inside that directory, you will find the folder Components. Copy the whole Minibloq uncompressed folder (in our example C:\Temp\Minibloq) directly into the Components folder. You will see a message box like this:

3. Click Yes

4. It's possible then that the OS will show another message box like this:
5. Click Continue.

6. Ready! Now you can run Minibloq.


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