Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Minibloq is running in the OLPC XO!

Working hard, as release day is approaching. This week (and thanks to Wine) Minibloq finally ran in an OLPC XO. As Wine is a compatibility layer, not a full emulator, the performance is pretty good! For the release, I will try to improve the GUI to make it more readable in small screens. Here is a small home-made video, programming an Arduino UNO:

And here is another test, with Mutliplo hardware (the new DuinoBot.Kids controller, with a basic Multiplo robot):


  1. Julián, no dejás de sorprenderme con tu increíble capacidad. Una vez más, felicitaciones,(y van ¿cuántas? ¿1000?)Mariana Benitez

  2. Gracias Mariana! Esto igual es un laburo en el que contribuye mucha gente.

  3. Muy copado, Argentinien brains for export!!! :D

  4. Gracias Marcelo. Se está laburando mucho acá: http://robotgroup.com.ar

  5. Great! My girlfriend and I have a bunch of XOs. We'd love to use these things for some beginning programming classes. Any way to get a hold of an early version of this software? Or where should I look to track the progress?

    Thanks for your efforts!


  6. Hi, if everything goes Ok, I will be releasing the first version for the end of the next month, after a kickstarter.com campaign. To track the progress, the best way is to suscribe to this blog (there is a Suscribe area heren in this screen), or follow me on Twitter (there is a button too, in this screen). Thanks!

  7. Hi! Minibloq.v0.8.Beta has been released today, please take a look at the Downloads.



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