Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minibloq-RG tested in an touch Intel/Exo Classmate

This time was the turn of another netbook used in education: an Intel Classmate, shipped with Windows 7 and equiped with a pen-based touch screen. The target is a RobotGroup's DuinoBot.Kids (a not yet released Arduino-compatible robot controller, but as I was one of the designers, I have one :) here), and I'm running Minibloq-RG, the own RobotGroup's version (open source too!, which will be available together with the Minibloq standard version).

Here are the results:


  1. Wow !! I have a fake iPad and it also has Win7, I want to try to run MinbloQ at it. I think that I couldn't imagine an easier and cheaper Development Environment

  2. Thanks! If it has Windows 7 I think it would run. Any tests will be welcome once the v1.0 Alpha becomes public...

  3. How exactly is the LED matrix connected to the micro?
    Does it need a driver/shift register, or directly to the ports?
    Is a schematic or connection table available?
    The reason why I'm asking:
    My son's birthday is soon, and I want to give him
    an arduino as a gift.
    I like the idea to start teaching him programming with Minibloq, and the LED matrix is a very nice idea.
    But as the is not yet available, I'd place an LED matrix on a proto shield.

    Many thanks

  4. Hi uhrheber, here are the answers:

    1. You can see the display circuit here (it only uses an inexpensive MUX):

    2. Minibloq include the low level libraries sources, so the users will be able to see the code to control de display. There are the pin numbers defines, etc.

    Any way, once DuinoBot.Kids becomes available, it's "sources" will be published as well.


  5. Thank you, Julián.

    Are there also routines for HD44780 LCD's
    in Minibloq?

    And: I saw the Kickstarter campaign very late,
    and didn't have an adequate payment method at
    Is it also possible to donate with paypal, or
    to an european bank account?


  6. Hi uhrheber!

    Regarding the drivers, once ready, there will be a simple way to add blocks with libraries. Right now, the v0.7.Alpha does not include these specific display drivers you mention. For the v0.75.Alpha I want to have finished the subsystem that lets users to add libraries, and then will be possible to include arbitrary third party libraries and drivers. The backers that selected the Alpha reward did already recevied the v0.7.Alpha and will receive all the Alphas and updates until Minibloq reaches the "Beta state".

    I did not see how to send to you an email, but if you start to follow me on twitter I will be able to send to you a private message and can get in contact.


  7. I don't have a twitter account.
    Please mail me at in_minibloq(monkey tail)gtfe dot de


  8. Hi! Minibloq.v0.8.Beta has been released today, please take a look at the Downloads.



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