Sunday, June 10, 2012

Minibloq translated to Catalan (Català)!

Since the release of the v0.81.Beta version, Minibloq features internationalization. Users from different countries are helping to translate it to their languages. There are already various translations in progress, such as French, Dutch and Hebrew (Minibloq is already available with English and Spanish preinstalled language packages):
But the first language (aside than English and Spanish) to which Minibloq was completely translated is  Catalan. This translation not only includes the main GUI, but also all the blocks tooltips:
The translator is Eloi Fores, who is contributing in different ways to the project.  Eloi has created excelent online material with Minibloq and Arduino, which is used in the courses he teaches at the Comunidad Valenciana, as can be seen in this post. We are making an update package which will include Catalan and other the languages, and we hope to have it available for download in the next weeks...
As always, any help regarding translations is very welcome. We would really like to see Minibloq available in as many languages as possible.

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