Monday, June 25, 2012

Minibloq translated to Dutch (Nederlands, thanks Gijs)!

We want to thanks Gijs Noorlander for his great work translating Minibloq to Dutch. Gijs also manages the mirror from Holland to download Minibloq. This mirror has become the main source to get the software. He runs a blog too (here is a post about Minibloq). Gijs' translation, which includes not only the GUI, but also the tooltips and helpfiles will be available in the upcoming UpdatePack-1 (soon!).
Finally, I want to mention that Gijs sent an email explaining a better way to manage the bunch of .po files when translating the tooltips. I posted it to a forum thread here.
As always, any help regarding translations is very welcome. We would really like to see Minibloq available in as many languages as possible.

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